The Spy


  • Action: If you do not have any Clues, gain 1 Clue.
  • If an investigator on your space spends a Clue to reroll a die, he may reroll up to 2 dice instead.

Flavor Text


"We lie all the time. But the truth is in there. You just have to know how to decode people."


Everyone expected great things from Trish when she was young. In school, she excelled in athletics and the sciences, but she surprised everyone after graduation by settling into a humble position at a commercial code company. What almost no one knows is that this particular company is a front for the Bureau's code-breaking agency, the Black Chamber. Now she finds herself in the city of Krasnoyarsk meeting another agent who has important information about an impending threat from a world beyond our own.

Team Role

While low will and sanity limit Trish's effectiveness in combat, her stats and abilities make her ideal for gaining clues, or functioning as a support character via asset-buying and expeditions. She should be partnered with a gate closer so she can focus on mysteries and rumors.


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