The Bounty Hunter


  • Action: Test Influence. If you pass, you may spend up to 2 Focus to gain 1 Clue for each Focus spent.
  • When you defeat a Monster during a Combat Encounter, gain 1 Focus.

Flavor Text


"When I find the beast, I'll trap it or put it down for good."


Tony's tracked down low-life scum in every lousy corner of the world, but nothing was quite as bad as Innsmouth. Some creep in Boston skipped bail and tried to hide with family in the small fishing village. It turned out "family" meant vicious fish-like monstrosities that left Tony bloody and half-drowned. Ever since, he's found a new kind of dirtbag to hunt. Ordinary mobster or otherworldly monster, Tony will take it down and find someone willing to pay him for it. Now he's got a lead in Bogotá. Easy money.


Team Role

Between his Handcuffs and his special ability, it is very easy for Tony to gain clues. Coupled with his high Observation, he is very good at dispelling nasty Rumor Mythos cards. Bulking up his Influence, however, would also be a smart investment.

With his high Strength, he also does a good job at fighting monsters, although a player may wish to invest in some time bulking up his Influence and Will.

A few items and skills, like the Old Journal or Skulduggery, are useful to Tony.