The third card + board expansion for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

TD Box.jpg
Release 5 Jan 2017
Symbol 07
The Dreamlands
Type Card + Board
Board Dreamlands Map
Investigators 8
Ancient Ones 2

Box Contents

This expansion doesn't introduce any new mechanics but uses Focus, Glamour Spells, Talent Conditions, Unique Assets and Preludes. It also contains 8 Otherworldly Dreams adventure cards.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains 2 Ancient Ones, listed here:


Atlach-Nacha has 6 Mysteries listed here and 24 Research Encounter cards.

Athlach-Nacha Small.png
Mystey Type
Beasts from Beyond Misc.
Caught in the Web Misc.
Severing the Links Misc.
Shroud of the Spider-Mother Research Encounter
Sleeper of N'kai Epic Monster
The Brood Item Requirement, Epic Monster


Hypnos has 6 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 24 Special Encounter cards (Corona Borealis Final Mystery, Dream Within a Dream and Dreamwalker). It uses the Dreamlands Map Board with its 16 encounter cards and 20 Dream-Quest Encounter cards.

Hypnos Small.png
Mystey Type
Descending the Steps Misc.
Dream Within a Dream Special Encounter
Dreamwalker Special Encounter
Master of Dreams Research Encounter
The Hubris of Man Item Requirement
Visions of Hypnos Misc.


This box contains the 8 Investigators below:


It contains the 4 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Crux of Cykranosh Item, Magical
Crystallizer of Dreams Item, Magical, Teamwork
Elder Key Item, Tome
Pentacle of Planes Item, Magical


The box contains 12 Spell cards listed here. Each spell has 4 variants.

Name Trait
Dread Curse Incantation
Find Gate Glamour
Summoning Ritual


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
Alchemical Concoction Item, Magical 1
Arcanist Ally 3
Camera Item, Other 2
Divination Service 1
Dream Box Trinket, Magical 2
Dream Diary Item, Tome 1
Enchanted Bow Item, Magical, Weapon 3
Forbidden Text Item, Tome 2
Hitman Ally 3
Night Classes Service 2
Occult Grimoire Item, Tome 3
Otherworld Codex Item, Tome 2
Police Raid Service 3
Seek the Truth Task 1
Skeleton Keys Trinket 1
Willful Aristocrat Ally 4

Unique Assets

This expansion contains 25 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Ace of Swords Trinket - Tarot 1
Basil Elton Ally - Character 1
Bury them Deep Task 3
Death XIII Trinket - Tarot 1
Dimensional Study Task 3
Five of Pentacles Trinket - Tarot 1
Flux Stabilizer Item 1
Four of Cups Trinket - Tarot 1
Miss Doyle Ally 1
Mythos Codex Item - Tome 4
Randolph Carter Ally - Character 1
The Moon XVIII Trinket - Tarot 1
Unspeakable Research Task 3
Walking the Ley Lines Task 3


It contains 19 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Composed Talent, Boon 2
Dark Pact Deal 1
Debt Deal, Common 1
Elusive Talent 2
Hallucinations Madness 1
Lost in Time and Space Restriction 4
Martial Prowess Talent 2
Moxie Talent 2
Quick Study Talent 2
Visions Talent 2


The box contains 6 Prelude cards listed here.

Prelude Mechanic used
Focused Training Talent Condition
Lurker Among Us Doppelganger Epic Monster
Otherworldly Dreams Hypnos or Otherworldly Dreams adventures
Twin Blasphemies of the Black Goat Shub-Niggurath
Web Between Worlds Atlach-Nacha
Written in the Stars Gates


The expansion contains 11 Monster tokens (6 normal, 5 epic).

Name Class Count
Atlach-Nacha Epic 1
Carrier Nightgaunt Normal 1
Dimensional Shambler Normal 1
Doppelganger Epic 1
Leng Spider Normal 1
Moon-beast Normal 1
Ravenous Gug Normal 1
Render of the Veils Epic 1
Sleeper of N'kai Epic 1
The Brood Epic 1
Zoog Normal 1

Box Contents

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