Mystery Quick Reference

Name: Renewing the Seal
Card Type: Mystery
Ancient One: Shudde M'ell
Expansion: Cities in Ruin
Requires Clue: No
Requires Spells: No
Eldritch Tokens: Space 10, Space 15, Space 17, The Pyramids
Required Items: No
Monster: No
Mystery Type: Eldritch Tokens

Flavor Text

The warding-stones that once imprisoned Shudde M'ell and his progeny have long since been stolen or destroyed, but with proper arcane knowledge, they might be forged anew.

Mystery Text

When this card enters play, place 1 Eldritch Token on each of the following spaces: 10, 15, 17, and The Pyramids.

As an encounter, an investigator on a space containing an Eldritch token may attempt to renew the seal (Lore-1). If he passes, he may spend 2 Clues to place that Eldritch token on this card.

At the end of the Mythos Phase, if there are Eldritch token on this card equal to half NoInvestigators, solve this Mystery.

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