"The Dark Pharaoh"

Card Details


Nephren-Ka in an Ancient One from the Under the Pyramids Expansion.


Reckoning: Each investigator may move 1 space toward The Bent Pyramid. Then each investigator that did not move loses 1 Sanity.

Normal Victory

When 3 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.


The players have 12 spaces on the Doom counter before Nephren-Ka awakens.

Flavor Text

Evil stirs beneath the sands of Egypt as the Brotherhood of the Beast, a cult with mysterious loyalties, searches for the final resting place of the Dark Pharaoh Nephren-Ka, seeking to fulfill the prophecy of his resurrection.


Reckoning: An investigator on this space or an adjacent space loses 1 Health or 1 Sanity.


Set aside all Nephren-Ka Special Encounters. Set up the Egypt side board.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 0 2 2
Stage II 1 3 0
Stage III 3 4 0