The Secretary


  • Action: You and another investigator on your space each gain 1 travel ticket of your choice.
  • You and other investigators on your space each gain +1 to all skills if there is another investigator on your space or you have one or more Ally assets.

Flavor Text


"You can depend on me to guide you through the unknown."


Phan Thi Minh's father came to Seoul from Cochinchina to use his diplomatic savvy in dealing with foreign business interests. Once grown, Minh proved to be just as adept in business. She reordered her name in the style of Westerners and took a job in Tokyo as a secretary to an importer of strange antiquities. More than just an employer, Mr.Thomas was Minh's friend, but now he has been murdered. Armed with only the strange text Mr. Thomas left for her and her own keen mind, Minh has vowed to find out why.

Team Role

Minh is very useful as an "escort", providing free tickets to an ally and boosting the skills of all Investigators at her location. Her skill bonuses as well as well rounded stats makes her fairly capable herself as well.