A Location Encounter is a specific type of Encounter the player might gain during a game of Eldritch Horror. They take place in the named City spaces that occur around the map.

Unlike the General Encounter, a Location Encounter will usually trigger a specific effect, either through a skill check, or obtained automatically without one. Thus, a player who wants that effect to happen should head to that location and undertake an encounter there.

Location Expansion Common Effect
Alexandria 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Gain Glamour Spells
Arkham 01Core Gain Incantation Spells
The Bent Pyramid 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Gain Artifacts
Buenos Aries 01Core Gain Ritual Spells
Cairo 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Gain Relic Unique Asset
Celephais 07
TD Symbol - Small
Gain Tasks
Dylath-Leen 07
TD Symbol - Small
Gain Assets
Istanbul 01Core Improve Influence
London 01Core Spawn Clues
The Nile River 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Recover Health and Sanity
Rome 01Core Improve Will
The Sahara Desert 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Improve Skills
San Francisco 01Core Improve Observation
Shanghai 01Core Improve Lore
Sydney 01Core Improve Strength
Tel el-Amarna 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Gain Clues
Tokyo 01Core Defeat Monsters
Ulthar 07
TD Symbol - Small
Gain Talents
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