The Redeemed Cultist


  • Action: If there is a Cultist Monster on your space, discard all Monsters on your space or move the Cultist Monster to any other space.
  • Reduce the horror of Monsters you encounter to 1.

Flavor Text


"The Lodge is not as innocent as they pretend. I have learned that nothing is ever as it seems, myself included."


When Diana was initiated into the Order of the Silver Twilight, she believed it to be nothing more than a community organization. But as she has learned more of it's true nature, she has become convinced that a growing evil threatens the world, and that the Silver Twilight will play a role in that threat. She believes her best chance to prevent this is to use her position to sabotage the organization from within. Carl Sanford, the head of the Order, has recognized her skills and recently sent her to Panama for additional training.

Team Role

The high lore and observation ratings are useful. Diana's will rating of 1 is somewhat offset by the passive ability to reduce the horror of monsters to 1.