Eldritch Horror Wikia

The Photographer


  • Action: Look at the top 5 cards of the Asset deck and put them back in any order. Then, discard any number of cards from the reserve.
  • Roll 1 additional die when resolving a test during a location encounter or a Research Encounter if you are on a City space.

Flavor Text


"The truth is darker than any of us know."


Darrell Simmons will never forget the night he saw an indescribable horror emerge from the shadows in his hometown of Arkham. Since that fateful night, the horror of what he saw permeates his every dream. Resolved to capture photographic evidence to prove what he saw, he has dedicated his life to pursuing rumors of supernatural sightings, the latest of which has brought him to an ancient burial ground in Indonesia. One good shot is all he needs, and there is no way he will let it slip through his fingers.

Team Role

With his starting assets and high Observation, Darrell is a great character for Research Encounters and gaining Clues, making him invaluable for Mysteries or Rumors that require them.

Darrell is good at recycling the assets deck for more useful items, so he'll partner well on a team with Charlie or Jenny.

Because he rolls an extra die in a City space, he can do very well if the Ancient One is Hastur, as many of his spaces involve cities.