The Mechanic


  • Action: You may spend any number of Resources to gain an equal amount of Clues.
  • Once per round, after you perform an Acquire Assets action or a Rest action, you may gain 1 Resource.

Flavor Text


"Relax, tough guy. I'll handle this. You stand over there and look pretty."


Daniela has never been one to sweat the small stuff. Everything seems big today will be small tomorrow, and it's the little things in life - fast cars, pretty girls, and home-cooked meals - that make it worth living anyway. But that was before. One night, a strange noise prompted her to leave a glass of water behind the door to catch evil spirits like her mama always said - a glass of water that, in the morning, she found shattered into a thousand pieces. Something is going on, and she is going to find out what.

Team Role

Daniela's high Strength and Will make her well suited for Combat Encounters. Her abilities to let her get Resources allow her to gain useful assets. She can change Resources to clues in a way similar to Tony, making her useful to accumulating Clues for Rumors or Mysteries that requires a lot of Clues at once.


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