Eldritch Horror Wikia

The Librarian


  • Action: If you are on a City space, test Observation. If you pass, gain 1 Tome Asset from the reserve or 1 random Tome Asset from the deck.
  • When you perform a Rest action, you may perform 1 additional action on a Ritual or Tome possession you have.

Flavor Text


"I know of books so powerful, they can rewrite reality"


Daisy worked in the library of Miskatonic University, overseen by the noted scholar Henry Armitage. She quickly became an expert on the school's collection of strange and occult texts, mastering the obscure subject matter and archaic languages. Through her studies, she came to believe that humanity was facing an impending threat. Armitage believes in her conclusions and has sent her to Istanbul to continue her investigation. It is their hope to discover some means of rescuing humanity from this inevitable doom.

Team Role

With her starting spells and high Lore skill, Daisy is a great character to gain Clues, which can make her useful in dealing with Rumors. Because her Observation is low, it is wise to train that up if you plan on using her skill to gain unique Tomes.

Naturally, Daisy is a great character to use Tomes with, as she gets a third action every round, provided she is using a Ritual or Tome.

Daisy can also use spells to great effect once she gets some.